Chinese New Year 2018

Year of the Dog.

Fun Activities for the first hour see the pictures

Great Dinner serving, rice, green beans, spicy green beans, spicy fish, chicken, bok choy, and jiaozi! Plus desert.

Cleveland Chinese Music Ensemble played during during dinner as well as Jing Lin concert pianists.

Program included Dragon dance, Chinese Opera singing I Love China, Chinese folk dance and a ribbon dance.

Chinese year of the Rooster

Chinese year of the Rooster, so the volunteers made roosters out of oranges which represent prosperity. Our wonderful performances this year included; Dragon Dance, Chinese Opera by Yang Yan (visiting music scholar), Gu Qin (above by Ke Li visiting scholar) on a 4,000 year old instrument. Piano, Violin and a dance by Ruth. We also did the Chicken dance led by Jillian Liff and Carly Maddocks. Everyone joined in it was the real highlight of the evening! Chinese Dinner was awesome cooked by many people for this family occasion. Thank you to so many servants of God, you are Champions! Many Chinese came up to me to thank me for a special Chinese New Year Celebration they felt like they were home. One gave me a big hug and said “I love you, thank you for this evening” God is at work as show them God’s love and even sang Praise songs to our Lord on this special evening. Thank You Jesus for being with us this night. Watch some short video clips of Chinese New Year at

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve we ate hotpot again this year. To make it feel more like family we asked everyone to bring something to add in lue of a gift. 40 of us sat around tables of 10 and enjoyed a wonderful meal together before we sang Christmas songs and then later we went Christmas caroling to the home of the lady we had the service project this year, what a way to extend our families together by serving one another. Pictures at the Comkent link on the bottom of this page.

We also shared a Christmas story through Abraham, as he was willing to sacrifice his only son, but God provided a ram (lamb) in his place. Then we looked at how later God did provide a perfect lamb to sacrifice, His only son the promised redeemer to come.  Why share the Christmas story thru Abraham you wonder? Because that was actually where we were at in our study of Genesis. Then we gave each of them a gift but nothing like the gift God gave us in sending His son.